What can I do with Inherited land?

Author Carreen N. Rubenkonig of RPLA– Rubenkonig Planning & Landscape Architecture.
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We are often asked what to consider upon inheriting family lands. Here are a few answers responding to three scenarios for decision making.

Scenario One: Often Mom or Dad bequeath a House with an oversized lot. It is possible when the house was built a large lot was needed for the septic field. Now with public sewer access the lot can be split up into more lots. This is called subdivision. For this or other situations contact us.

Scenario Two: Many opportunities appear when you inherit land. If you want to consider redevelopment of the property contact us with minimum information and we will get back to you. Refer to the website Steve Sanders at LotNetwork.com for financial and legal considerations.

Scenario Three: Sometimes property was purchased years ago at great prices. Now development is surrounding the property. This is your time to choose your profit potential. Managing your own land development increases your wealth versus selling raw property to builders. If the land is sub-dividable then the lots created can be sold on your timetable. A sale can fund a college education or retirement. You choose. We will manage this process for you.

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  1. Carreen

    After 25 years in the land planning field we have listened to many homeowners with concerns. Wondering what to do with one’s parents land is a common issue. We want to empower the new homeowners with information to set their own priorities into action.

    Call us. We’ll talk and/or meet to discuss the property.

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