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Commercial Redevelopment of the Auburn Shopping Center and New Jimmy John's Restaurant

The Auburn Shopping Center RPLA Commercial Landscape Plan on a two acre site, includes the Jimmy John's drive through and restaurant, and features the following project goals:

Marketing:  We increased the visual curb appeal of the shopping center, attracting the attention of drivers and pedestrians to the now highly visible and appealing Jimmy John's site and the redeveloped Auburn shopping center. Curb appeal is created through:

  • The rhythm of plant placement and the color and texture of individual plants makes the restaurant and shopping center stand out from the other frontage-based businesses

  • The use of plant masses: contrasting flowering broad-leaf evergreen plants with flowering deciduous plants the interesting shape of the curved planting beds facing Highway 164/ Auburn Way North attracts attention

  • The curved drive aisle provides movement through the site

  • Selective use & placement of low plants do not obscure Jimmy John's building nor sign

Redeveloping a  commercial strip: How does it balance with new businesses? How do costs figure into a planting plan?

  • Planting a design of drought tolerant plants and species which mature quickly saves maintenance costs of irrigation and replacements.

  • The balance between the existing fixed retail uses and the new stores features upgraded parking landscape gardens, retains the mature trees and bushes of original landscape beds of store entrances. The building's side garden complements the new highway frontage designed to attract customers.

The construction costs for this redevelopment was $1,250,000.

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